August 2010

Is It Necessary To Judge Others?

   Much has been written on Brotherhood and its application to the outer work for The Theosophical Movement. Fortunately, the subject is exhaustless and there can be no final word. However, a few points can be made regarding the inner dimension of the work on ourselves. This aspect is as important, if not more so than the outer work since external conditions are the reflection of the prevailing inner state of affairs of humanity. Balance is important, as well as care and vigilance not to neglect either the outer or inner dimensions of the work. There will be little time or inclination to judge others if we follow our duty to the work for Theosophy.

Universal Brotherhood is an ethical principle founded on the philosophical truth of the spiritual identity and unity of all beings, as well as on the scientific fact of the interdependence, the interconnectedness and the interrelationship between all beings. There are subtle connections between Man and every department of nature. Every force in nature and every degree of being is represented in human nature. Such is the great fact; such is the great opportunity and responsibility of the human being.

This ethical principle, philosophical truth and scientific fact reminds us that if there exists injustice, hypocrisy, selfishness, and disloyalty in some of the membership of any or all Theosophical associations, representative as they are of the world at large, then these human weaknesses and faults either exist in us actively or potentially, or we have contributed to their activity in others by what we have done or not done in the performance of our work for Theosophy in the world and in ourselves. So, our initial duty is to turn up the light of Theosophy and let it shine in every corner of our being. This will illuminate the inner path to be followed and the work that must be done in and upon our nature.

While performing this inner work, we may simultaneously perform our duty to help others in Theosophical study and life. Only with such balance, can we maintain compassion and charity for these frailties of human nature as they appear in others, firm opposition to these weaknesses as they reveal themselves in our nature, and hope for the innate dignity and perfectibility of humanity.

Nevertheless, it is important to judge between Theosophy and Pseudo-Theosophy, or what appears to be Theosophy, just as it is important to be able to judge the truth from what appears to be truth. How can we distinguish between Theosophy and Pseudo-Theosophy? Well, how does

one distinguish between the sun and the moon? They are distinguished by the quality and effect of their light. The light of the former illuminates the heaven and earth. In other words, its principles are universal and illuminate every aspect of our lives. The light of the former shines on every form of life regardless of its degree of perfection and nourishes it. In other words, its principles are universal ethics and are beneficial to all human beings regardless of their race, creed, gender, condition or organization. The light of the former makes everything clear and reveals the beauty and dangers of everything in nature. In other words, it reveals the unity of Science, Religion, and Philosophy and the eternal truths in all. In its light, truth is clearly seen in contrast to error.

As the light of the moon waxes and wanes, so the light of Pseudo-Theosophy is evanescent and temporary when it appears rather that eternal and constant. As the light of the moon primarily illuminates itself, those who bring Pseudo-Theosophy into the world primarily illuminate themselves rather than others. As the light of the moon reflected on the waters casts but an image of its source, those who bring Pseudo-Theosophy into the world endeavor to see themselves reflected in their followers. They rely on dogmatism, strict reflection in the mind of the image of the source of the light, rather than independent thought and the self-reliant will. As the light of the moon, which manages to illuminate the world, still leaves much in darkness and shadow, concealing the presence of friend and foe, so the teachings of those who bring Pseudo-Theosophy into the world shed a little light here and there, but leave much of the world in darkness and confusion.

Most important to remember is that when the moon eclipses the sun, it temporarily blocks out the sunlight but not the existence of the sun whose fiery rim continues to embrace it. In trying to eclipse the sun, the moon reveals its own true dark nature. When those who bring Pseudo-Theosophy into the world try to eclipse the Teachers of Theosophy, they may succeed in temporarily obscuring the message, but they can not block out the presence of the Teachers in the world whose compassion and understanding continues to embrace them. In spite of their efforts, those who try to eclipse Theosophy only make the darkness of their own natures more apparent to all.

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